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MA-losophy: Finding Balance by tapping into Sense of Duty

In my mind over matter practice a common question is “What’s my Purpose?” Today, I’m going to take “purpose” out of the phrase and look at an expression that continues to play in my head: sense of duty. First, I’ll define purpose from my perspective. To fulfill one’s purpose, those most wise consider others’ impacted […]

The Calm after the Storm: Growth-Aide and the “What-Next” plans to thrive

In hypnosis there are techniques that we use as therapists that put our clients’ minds into a type of chaos so that the conscious mind basically shuts down and the subconscious is more easily accessed. An everyday life application is when, for instance, too many people are talking to us at one time, we become […]

Being Abusive when being Too Bright-Sided

In a networking chat group that I am associated with, a professional said (in summary), “If you’re negative your business (and life overall) will fail.” This overly used mind/body type remark has become increasingly unproductive over the years and now people are keeping “Their Own Secret” that they don’t always buy into having sunshine blown […]

It’s kind of scary being a parent today

It’s kind of scary being a parent today.    The state of Georgia is pressing felony charges for child abuse, because a woman was dragging her son on the floor in a public place on a leash.  Yes, I know that there is controversy around putting children on leashes (I can tell you that each […]

What is Reality, Good and Bad?

Michelle A. Payton discusses her thoughts on “reality” and how we are able to create our own reality.

Applying Metaphysical and Mainstream Training to Client Sessions

Michelle is asked how she applies her mainstream and metaphysical knowledge and education to her client sessions and how a wide range of training helps her provide the best and most effective methods to clients,

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