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We Attract What We Think…

Michelle talks about the importance of our thoughts and that the Law of Attraction concept was part of our childhood games.

Mainstream Metaphysical Living & Everyday Miracles

Michelle A. Payton describes how she started out on her mainstream metaphysical journey and life’s everyday miracles.

Applying Metaphysical and Mainstream Training to Client Sessions

Michelle is asked how she applies her mainstream and metaphysical knowledge and education to her client sessions and how a wide range of training helps her provide the best and most effective methods to clients,

Author Michelle A. Payton Talks About Her Books

Michelle A. Payton talks about her six books and the reasons why she writes and teaches

Metaphysical Parenting In A Mainstream World

Michelle A. Payton describes how she has incorporated her metaphysical living philosophy into parenting and giving her children a wide understanding to prepare them for adulthood.

The Left Side Artist Wholesale Co-op

“You”nique products that touch the heart. The Left Side represents six unique artists offering high quality products ranging from Melissa Harris’s artwork, prints, greeting cards, journals, and divination cards to Penny Crabtree’s crystal jewelry and Michelle Payton’s books on astrology, numerology and birth order.

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