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MA-losophy: Do as I Do?

When traveling by airplane, before lifting-off the stewards give a standard lesson on safety: if oxygen masks drop from the ceiling of the plane put the mask on yourself prior to putting one on your child(ren). What a powerful symbol as a parent: Care for yourself so that you are able to care for your […]

Sleep issues?

Less than six hours of sleep per night contributes to headaches, indigestion, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, weight gain, (if a smoker) increased smoking, inability to concentrate, actually puts those with poor sleeping patterns in pre-diabetic state as if plays games with insulin levels, +. What can you do about it?  Quick tips include: […]

The Calm after the Storm: Growth-Aide and the “What-Next” plans to thrive

In hypnosis there are techniques that we use as therapists that put our clients’ minds into a type of chaos so that the conscious mind basically shuts down and the subconscious is more easily accessed. An everyday life application is when, for instance, too many people are talking to us at one time, we become […]

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