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Excuse Me While I Interrupt: Striking the Talking Listening Balance

I love to talk and I love to listen.  Is this a dichotomy?  In “my world,” most of the time, not so much. I’m told I’m a good listener; hear people’s stories (play it back as I believe I’ve heard it and get a “yes”  nod most times… not always).  Listening is a skill that […]

Social Contact, Creating Community, and Being Happy

Maybe you’ve heard about the studies where child development halted due to lack of human contact (if not, read more at  But, what does that mean to young adults to the elderly? One of the questions I ask on my Client Intake Forms in my mind over matter practice  is “Do you connect with […]

Missed Understandings: Breaking the Language Codes to Create More Harmony

I received a group email and asked to be removed from the e-list; the business associates feelings were hurt.  I hadn’t read the message… figured it was another event announcement… it was in a similar format as past business communications… a family member was ill. I showed up for an appointment on time, but I […]

Snuggling In and Thriving

I’d gotten home from being out of town for a few days – a teaching engagement on self-hypnosis – and my youngest said, “Mom, I hate it when you leave.”  My 18 year old, edgy, independent, college boy added, “Yeah. I hate when I get up and you’re not here.” This actually made me laugh, […]

Opinions: It’s what we do with them that matters

A young mother doesn’t report that her preschool aged daughter missing for up to one month.  Pictures are found of her at parties enjoying herself as if nothing was amiss.  Her daughter is found buried in an unmarked grave.  The mother is put on trial for murder.  The prosecution was unable to prove the mother […]

Experiential Living: More Alert Senses Increasing Odds of Pleasure

Sunken into the couch the home video rolled.  An overcast and drizzly day, the Irish sun hadn’t shown itself enough to create the serotonin brain chemicals to wake us up from our trip from the States.  We checked into our bed and breakfast and off we went to a local castle to keep ourselves alert […]

Are you a “Swayer” or “Liberal?”: “Swayer” may be better for your Health

I moved from a conservative area to a more liberal area to (in part) be among a larger population of “my people.”  Generally speaking, I’ve thought of a liberal as being more open-minded until recently.    It seems that some liberal’s are most flexible if you meet certain criteria: 1.  You should live in the […]

A Scientific Formula for Happiness?

I was watching a morning show in my area called Dr. Oz (November 9, 2009) and he shared a research graph that showed “happiness” being scientifically researched and divided into three parts:   50% was Genetics (includes childhood/adulthood experiences and body/brain chemistry)   10% was Geographic Location/Situation   40% was Intention   When the expert […]

How We Process Physical Loss & Evolve

Over the past year I have metaphysically pondered how my closer “work”-related friends are doing now that they have crossed over. I say “work” related as a conscious living professional (worked together on events, projects, or a part of my companies/non-profit ventures…) and spiritual sense (my pathwork). Bill Mitchell was an icon in the psychic […]

Being Abusive when being Too Bright-Sided

In a networking chat group that I am associated with, a professional said (in summary), “If you’re negative your business (and life overall) will fail.” This overly used mind/body type remark has become increasingly unproductive over the years and now people are keeping “Their Own Secret” that they don’t always buy into having sunshine blown […]

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