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It’s Draining Breaking the Enabler Chain

My husband, youngest and I went out of town for one night. Our son (18 in five months) stayed home. I received a call at 10:30pm (the night we are out of town) from a neighbor that said there were numerous cars in our driveway (note that he was forewarned that guests were out of […]

Is there Parent Enlightenment?

I received an angry comment from one of my videos at titled “Are Today’s Kids Gifted? How to Educate our Children.” In a nutshell, this person was very bitter when it came to children and felt they are all misguided. As a mother of three dependent children at the moment while simultaneously seeking enlightenment […]

It’s kind of scary being a parent today

It’s kind of scary being a parent today.    The state of Georgia is pressing felony charges for child abuse, because a woman was dragging her son on the floor in a public place on a leash.  Yes, I know that there is controversy around putting children on leashes (I can tell you that each […]

Are Today’s Kids Gifted? How To Educate Children?

In this video, Michelle A. Payton says that ALL kids are bright lights. She answers the questions: “What do you think of the idea that kids today are more gifted than past generations?” and, “How do you educate your children on less mainstream concepts while still helping them fit into the mainstream?”  For more information […]

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