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Your Reflection may be My Reflection: How Ho ‘oponopono can get Perceptions to Zero if Unproductive

Having a family breakfast one Saturday morning my niece confessed, “I really didn’t like you, Aunt Michelle. And then about nine months ago…” When this type of comment is directed from one to another I wonder what does this (unliked) person reflect in the other? It doesn’t mean that everyone we like or dislike isn’t […]

Detoxing: A Looooooonnnnnnngggggggg Strange Trip

My 21-year-old niece moved in with my family to get acclimated to Asheville and within one week decided she was going to do a detox; cut out caffeine; stop smoking and drinking alcohol (a trigger to her smoking).  And she started her moon cycle that same week.  What was my household in for? After day […]

Sleep issues?

Less than six hours of sleep per night contributes to headaches, indigestion, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, weight gain, (if a smoker) increased smoking, inability to concentrate, actually puts those with poor sleeping patterns in pre-diabetic state as if plays games with insulin levels, +. What can you do about it?  Quick tips include: […]

Relationship with Smoking and How to Redefine it

I’m noticing some Equinox Resolutions on Facebook so  I’ll touch on relationship with smoking. Being a hypnosis/mind over matter professional, it is as much about the post work.  When the urge hits, this means adrenals are dropping and the cigarette is a way to keep adrenals up in fight/flight mode.  Digestion system shuts down at […]

Missed Understandings: Breaking the Language Codes to Create More Harmony

I received a group email and asked to be removed from the e-list; the business associates feelings were hurt.  I hadn’t read the message… figured it was another event announcement… it was in a similar format as past business communications… a family member was ill. I showed up for an appointment on time, but I […]

“I want to stop smoking” – Bigger than lighting up!

Many times when a client says “I want to stop smoking” she may perceive that this is a mutually exclusive action. It’s not. There are many reasons why a person is inspired to smoke – boredom, bonding, calming, concentrating, anger, hunger, (a valid) excuse to take a break, something to do with her hands, tired. […]

Experiential Living: More Alert Senses Increasing Odds of Pleasure

Sunken into the couch the home video rolled.  An overcast and drizzly day, the Irish sun hadn’t shown itself enough to create the serotonin brain chemicals to wake us up from our trip from the States.  We checked into our bed and breakfast and off we went to a local castle to keep ourselves alert […]

What if someone “detests” the things you do?

When I moved, to get to know more people, I went to many mainstream and conscious living networking gatherings. Some gatherings can be tough at times because what I do can be controversial – Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order – and I can take some negative hits every now and again. When […]

The Calm after the Storm: Growth-Aide and the “What-Next” plans to thrive

In hypnosis there are techniques that we use as therapists that put our clients’ minds into a type of chaos so that the conscious mind basically shuts down and the subconscious is more easily accessed. An everyday life application is when, for instance, too many people are talking to us at one time, we become […]

Real Branding = Empathy — Empathy = World Kindness

A world-renowned brand advertising professional teaches that the early 1900’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Petrovich Pavlov is the person responsible for creating the idea of branding. Why? Because of his famous (cause and effect) “Pavlov’s Dog” experiment — where he put meat on a dog’s tongue then rang a bell and did this repeatedly until […]

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