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MAha: Learning from the Life Scholar

How do you handle “what now” with grace? You know, that space after the experience, but before the aha? How does that impact the ah ha? The following is how I reasoned through a “what now.” MAh ha is conceived I decided to return to academia to obtain a Graduate degree in English with the […]

Missed Understandings: Breaking the Language Codes to Create More Harmony

I received a group email and asked to be removed from the e-list; the business associates feelings were hurt.  I hadn’t read the message… figured it was another event announcement… it was in a similar format as past business communications… a family member was ill. I showed up for an appointment on time, but I […]

What if someone “detests” the things you do?

When I moved, to get to know more people, I went to many mainstream and conscious living networking gatherings. Some gatherings can be tough at times because what I do can be controversial – Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order – and I can take some negative hits every now and again. When […]

Being Abusive when being Too Bright-Sided

In a networking chat group that I am associated with, a professional said (in summary), “If you’re negative your business (and life overall) will fail.” This overly used mind/body type remark has become increasingly unproductive over the years and now people are keeping “Their Own Secret” that they don’t always buy into having sunshine blown […]

Author Michelle A. Payton Talks About Her Books

Michelle A. Payton talks about her six books and the reasons why she writes and teaches

The Left Side Artist Wholesale Co-op

“You”nique products that touch the heart. The Left Side represents six unique artists offering high quality products ranging from Melissa Harris’s artwork, prints, greeting cards, journals, and divination cards to Penny Crabtree’s crystal jewelry and Michelle Payton’s books on astrology, numerology and birth order.

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