“I want to stop smoking” – Bigger than lighting up!

Many times when a client says “I want to stop smoking” she may perceive that this is a mutually exclusive action. It’s not.

There are many reasons why a person is inspired to smoke – boredom, bonding, calming, concentrating, anger, hunger, (a valid) excuse to take a break, something to do with her hands, tired. Smoking becomes a type of “fight or flight” muscle memory. The brain reacts when the perception of survival is threatened — the heart rate increases, the digestive and immune system shuts down — and puts the smoker in a constant state of high (as if killing or running from prey) which (can eventually) stress and burn out the body on multiple levels.

A client who truly wants to stop smoking should be looking (in conjunction) at: Am I getting enough sleep (seven to nine hours are optimal), and what kind of rituals can I build around sleep to decrease my need to smoke? Am I eating healthy (especially breakfast) and regularly? How has the action of smoking become a part of my lifestyle – when I drink alcohol is smoking a part of that mix, and am I smoking to mirror and fit in with others?

Can hypnotherapy help? Sure! When collaborating on the whys then “I no longer smoke” can truly become reality.

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