What if someone “detests” the things you do?

When I moved, to get to know more people, I went to many mainstream and conscious living networking gatherings. Some gatherings can be tough at times because what I do can be controversial – Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order – and I can take some negative hits every now and again.

When I get business cards, I usually go to websites and/or read any literature to get to know new people/professionals that I meet. Then I send an email about what I learned about them and where they can find more about me. One day, I got a return email that said key phrases like “detest the things you do,” “despise the techniques you specialize in,” and “believe them to be dangerous practices.” The communication ended with “you seem like a well-intentioned person… this is not personal…”

I read it a couple of times and realized I was having the same solar plexus reaction to the email that I had at this particular networking gathering. My ego was saying “Delete and ignore the email. Never go back. Run, hide and protect yourself in ‘your own’ community.” But my higher self was saying, “What can you learn from this as you continue to put yourself out into the world (and you will continue to put yourself out there with a 7th book coming out and your private practice growing)?”

I did some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping (you can see my free video on EFT at http://www.michellepayton.com/Training-Videos.htm), and then I felt a sweeping sensation of gratitude as I recalled one of my personal and professional positions that when you understand others views, this creates more compassion as a general rule. You don’t have to like someone, but you can at least know and trust how others will react in connection with you and/or the world to keep yourself in a (emotional/physical) balanced place knowing it’s about others personalities and filters and not necessarily about you. But sometimes critique or opposite opinions create (lower chakra) “fight or flight” reactions, and you have to decide who you really are at the moment of impact.

So if this has happened to you, who do you become?  How have you reacted?  Did you feel good about your response?  Why?  Did you feel bad about your response?  Why?  How “honest” should you be with people you don’t agree with?  What types of words should you use to convey disagreement?

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  1. Through my teaching of true communication skills, I have come to believe 2 things: first, that what people really crave is to be “seen” or “known”, and second, that ALL feedback is really about the speaker and not about you. If you only hear feedback as complimentary or not complimentary to yourself, you are possibly really missing the point: the feedback tells you about the other person’s perceptions, about how they think and what they believe. To give “hard to hear” feedback is very courageous, and it is a compliment to you that the person trusts that you will really hear what they are saying, and thus, that they will be better “known” by you. I have received this kind of “negative” feedback myself, (once or twice, lol) and sometimes I have to calm my emotional response for a moment before I remember that I am actually being given a gift because the other person is revealing something personal about themselves. In the end, I can usually put my focus on the other person’s reveal about themselves, and I am always appreciative of their trust.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Karen. Very wise.

  3. Hey Mainstreammetaphysicalmom,
    Along the same lines, For example – creating something and to the creator they see the outcome of it and what it will be and some will see the same thing the creator is seeing, while some will say eh it looks alright, well duh it is not finished yet and don’t see it until it is finally done.

    Not sure if that even applies to what my actual question is but wanted to throw it in there because this person I am talking about is the one that doesn’t see it until it is finished, gotcha…

    Well we are having guest coming over in 40 days from today and they are staying in the guest bedroom, I currently just got out of the hospital after a long stay after a severe accident with a c-1 fracture (broken neck) and broken right hand, a break at the base of the thumb (bennetts fracture) and I like very clean environments so currently I am very slowly trying to clean out my room since the others are too busy to help me with that job but they are able to get stuff for me and, take care of my wounds and food but just not help with my cleaning, can’t stand a dirty environment.

    So very slowly I move stuff into the guess bedroom until I get well enough to sort through it and deal with it. This person wants this guest bedroom ready NOW and detest me moving stuff into it even though by 30 days I should have a lot of improvement and can go back to it, why do some people have to have it ready right this moment and just lose it when I put some stuff in that room if you understand what I am saying, sorry for the spelling or long sentence, my condition sucks and even all the pain meds don’t cut it, so sorry.
    All the Best

  4. Hi “EFT,”

    First, sorry you are walking through so much physical pain. I’m not completely following your question. I see you used the word “detest,” and it seems to be linked to “what you do” or are doing. I could spin an imaginary yarn and guess what the full story is, but seems like there is more to this. What am I missing?


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