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MA-losophy: Creating Something to Look Forward To

Dog walking, common dialogue usually begins with “Is your dog friendly?” A positive head nod makes for joyful dogs sniffing each others’ genitals, tails dancing, maybe some french kissing, and then idle conversation begins between owners. This day I began with, “Wow,” your dog has a beautiful coat!” She replied, “You should have seen her […]

MA-losophy: Imperfectly finding a new normal

The academic semester ended and grades were assigned; my oldest completed her undergraduate degree; my son made it through another semester in his undergraduate program; my vegetable and ornamental gardens were planted; my business commitments were manageable and comfortable; I was weeks away from a family vacation so no rushing.  So, I observed myself.  Well, […]

MA-losophy: Align Up to Achieve Productive Patterns

My 12-year-old is on the playground.  A circle begins to form.  She smells trouble and leaves.  Minutes later, one of her classmates exits the circle with a mark on his face and he’s crying.  “What happened?” she asks.  “A 13-year-old middle schooler punched me in the face,” he responds. This was a story shared with […]

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