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MA-losophy: Finding Balance by tapping into Sense of Duty

In my mind over matter practice a common question is “What’s my Purpose?” Today, I’m going to take “purpose” out of the phrase and look at an expression that continues to play in my head: sense of duty. First, I’ll define purpose from my perspective. To fulfill one’s purpose, those most wise consider others’ impacted […]

MA-losophy: Do as I Do?

When traveling by airplane, before lifting-off the stewards give a standard lesson on safety: if oxygen masks drop from the ceiling of the plane put the mask on yourself prior to putting one on your child(ren). What a powerful symbol as a parent: Care for yourself so that you are able to care for your […]

When it Comes to Cultural Norms Just Call Me Crazy

I can’t tell you how many clients (in my mind over matter practice) think they’re crazy because they believe someone else has the authority to put the stake in the ground called “normal.” Many believe that the media is responsible for labels that evolve around a people or group, but I’m going to approach this […]

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