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How We Process Physical Loss & Evolve

Over the past year I have metaphysically pondered how my closer “work”-related friends are doing now that they have crossed over. I say “work” related as a conscious living professional (worked together on events, projects, or a part of my companies/non-profit ventures…) and spiritual sense (my pathwork). Bill Mitchell was an icon in the psychic […]

Being Abusive when being Too Bright-Sided

In a networking chat group that I am associated with, a professional said (in summary), “If you’re negative your business (and life overall) will fail.” This overly used mind/body type remark has become increasingly unproductive over the years and now people are keeping “Their Own Secret” that they don’t always buy into having sunshine blown […]

Living a Healthier Life Transitioning into the Winter Months

As the adrenal settles, I am moving into a winter state. After five years of research and planning, I reached a major goal (5 representing new and change)–I moved my family to a new area – Asheville, NC. It hasn’t been without many bumps and bruises. The staging of the house to be sold (one […]

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