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What’s in a wave?

Even as a child I’d always been one for waving at people as I walked by. But as I got older and people didn’t wave back I changed my approach to giving smiling eye contact and a nod as I walked by. (Then, if I didn’t get a little nod back it wouldn’t be quite […]

A more relaxed atmosphere to expand the mind

As I sat in my Asheville, North Carolina home watching a morning show sipping my tea, an author of a “stay young” type of concept said that living in the mountains extends your life. The left brain stats say that one of the reasons is certain cancers can’t develop as aggressively with less oxygen to […]

Time heals all wounds?

When I gave birth to my first child I was only able to take six weeks maternity leave.  I found a babysitter that adored my daughter, but when I dropped her off on her first day it was one of the most painful days of my life.  When I got into the office I closed […]

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