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MA-losophy: Finding Balance by tapping into Sense of Duty

In my mind over matter practice a common question is “What’s my Purpose?” Today, I’m going to take “purpose” out of the phrase and look at an expression that continues to play in my head: sense of duty. First, I’ll define purpose from my perspective. To fulfill one’s purpose, those most wise consider others’ impacted […]

What if someone “detests” the things you do?

When I moved, to get to know more people, I went to many mainstream and conscious living networking gatherings. Some gatherings can be tough at times because what I do can be controversial – Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order – and I can take some negative hits every now and again. When […]

Real Branding = Empathy — Empathy = World Kindness

A world-renowned brand advertising professional teaches that the early 1900’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Petrovich Pavlov is the person responsible for creating the idea of branding. Why? Because of his famous (cause and effect) “Pavlov’s Dog” experiment — where he put meat on a dog’s tongue then rang a bell and did this repeatedly until […]

A Scientific Formula for Happiness?

I was watching a morning show in my area called Dr. Oz (November 9, 2009) and he shared a research graph that showed “happiness” being scientifically researched and divided into three parts:   50% was Genetics (includes childhood/adulthood experiences and body/brain chemistry)   10% was Geographic Location/Situation   40% was Intention   When the expert […]

When “saying” does not always make it so

Business Week (posted 27 May 2009) interviewed the CEO of (Tony Hsieh) about why his company is successful and among the reasons are “(I’m inspired) to learn more about the science of happiness” and then apply this to his corporate culture and customer service.  Hsieh focuses on a personal touch and knows that as […]

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