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MA-losophy in France: No Pushing S’il Vous Plait

I will have a dozen or so blogs about my trip to France in the Summer of 2013.  Expect the MA-losophy style while also getting tips that you may be able to use when traveling with family in Europe (in my case with 11 people total) and my ability to maintain my sanity (most of […]

Your Reflection may be My Reflection: How Ho ‘oponopono can get Perceptions to Zero if Unproductive

Having a family breakfast one Saturday morning my niece confessed, “I really didn’t like you, Aunt Michelle. And then about nine months ago…” When this type of comment is directed from one to another I wonder what does this (unliked) person reflect in the other? It doesn’t mean that everyone we like or dislike isn’t […]

Sleep issues?

Less than six hours of sleep per night contributes to headaches, indigestion, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, weight gain, (if a smoker) increased smoking, inability to concentrate, actually puts those with poor sleeping patterns in pre-diabetic state as if plays games with insulin levels, +. What can you do about it?  Quick tips include: […]

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